Andy Owens has been involved in the music business since 1975, playing in bands as both sideman or bandleader; being a published songwriter; working in studios as a session player, studio owner, engineer and producer; playing live music in over 53 countries and promoting thousands of shows for himself or others. He has taught hundreds of workshops that he promoted himself or for other entities like Kaufman Kamp, Pete Wernick Jam Camp, RockyGrass and many festivals. As a longtime member of the board of directors of IBMA, the International Bluegrass Music Association, and as Chairperson of the organization for four years, Andy gained extensive insight and contacts into the area of music education. Andy has an MBA (Master in Business Administration) from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and has also had a successful career as a businessman and entrepreneur outside of the music business. Andy has decided to take this vast experience base and share it with aspiring musicians who want to learn more about “being in a band”, kind of a crash course Music 101.


To date, Louisa has over 200 songs recorded and over 500 recordings of her songs, including multiple covers. A short list of accolades includes: Grammies with Alison Krauss and John Denver; two IBMA Recorded Event of the Year Awards; IBMA Song of the Year, “Dear Sister,” penned with and performed by Claire Lynch; SPBGMA Song of the Year (Steel Rails); 2017 IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award for "pioneering achievements in bluegrass that helped shape and further the genre;" 12 albums of recorded originals; a Georgia Lifetime Achievement Award; Atlanta Music Hall of Honor; Alabama Bluegrass Hall of Fame; Numerous chart hits by artists including Claire Lynch, Dale Ann Bradley, John Denver, and many others. Louisa will teach songwriting and help BandCampers learn about the personal relationship aspects of being in a band. See her full bio at

David Peterson is the founder and band leader of David Peterson & 1946 and Peterson’s Old Time Country. He is a rare combination: a savvy independent recording artist and a bluegrass singer who cherishes tradition. His voice has that lofty quality that carries from mountaintop to mountaintop. It’s powerful, complete and saturated with Bill Monroe and Jimmy Martin’s blues. A Boston native, he’s not somebody who would have been issued a bluegrass license at birth. But Peterson learned the music from a deacon at his church, and as music writer Robert Oermann likes to say, "there’s nobody as zealous as a convert." When he got serious about the mandolin, the guitar, and bluegrass music in 1995, he left his track from becoming a minister to pursue music. Now Dave preaches bluegrass with a missionary zeal. He also writes songs, an important and challenging characteristic for a preserver of tradition.

Liam Purcell is a professional musician, songwriter and teacher from Deep Gap, North Carolina. Liam will be one of our Band Coaches and is a certified Pete Wernick JamCamp instructor and successful band member with his band Cane Mill Road.




Mike McKee LuthierMIKE MCKEE:
Mike McKee is a long time luthier and instrument repair person from Boone, North Carolina. Mike will be teaching BandCamp students about how to do some of your own basic repairs and service and how to keep your instruments safe and happy on the road.




William Purcell is a band booking agent and manager for the band, Cane Mill Road. William has managed the impressive rise of this band to the status of where they are today. William will teach our students about fundraising, bookings, travel management and social media.

Abbie Crumrine Graphic DesignABBIE CRUMRINE:
Abbie Crumrine is a musician and highly-trained and experienced graphic artist, brand manager and marketing professional who will be teaching our BandCamp students about things like press kits, promo pieces, photography, cd artwork and social media marketing for a band. Abbie has over fourteen years of experience as a print and media professional.